Public data on forests managed by Hrvatske šume

Hrvatske šume Ltd. as a company that manages forests and forest land in the Republic of Croatia wants to give public insight to the summary of the basic forest management elements.

Basic information about forests on these pages are intended primarily for non-experts, people who are not familiar with the forestry terminology, nor with the specific forestry division of managed area, but who still want to have some information about the woods around them. The survey of public data is enabled by usage of cartographic representation, which means that along with the possibility of textual and table information, one can also survey the spatial situation of forests.

The cartographic representation contains a number of layers (levels of representation), which are: forest administrations, forest districts, management units, compartments of state-owned forests and subcompartments of privately-owned forests. Different layers are displayed depending on the level of amplification, which means that by starting the cartographic representation first are displayed the forest administrations. As the level of amplification increases, forest districts are displaying, then the management units, followed by compartments and subcompartments.

In order to make the display simpler, at every level there is only one layer shown, expcept on the level of the compartments, where there are together, but in different colour, shown all the compartments of the state-owned and subcompartments of the private forests. The current level of representation and amplification can be seen at every moment in the upper left corner of the application window. The level of amplification can be changed by scrolling or by using the zooming in or out tool in the left part of the application window. By moving the cursor over certain areas a frame with the name gets opened, and if the area is managed by Hrvatske šume ltd. the affiliation of the area to the structure sheme of the company is displayed. Likewise, the frame tells us whether there are more information to the area. The frame with the display of additional information is opened by the double mouse-click to the defined area.

For the usage of application for survey of the public data on forests we recommend usage of newer versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

In the part of the table information (O-4 and O-5 forms) we'd like you to take notice on a few terms that are important for the good understanding of the content. The idea was to show what tree species occur in the specific wood and on what area. For each species two values are displayed. The term of growing stock depicts the total volume of the wood mass in the specific forest, which indirectly tells us something of the quality of that forest. The other term, increment, tells us how much the volume increases each year, which again is a indicator of the availability of wood for usage by men. The data are summarized on the level of the management unit.

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